Happy New Year!

I'm bored, so how about an end of the year fandom meme?

This was nabbed from cujoy

1. Your main fandom of the year?  It remains The Vampire Diaries.  Unfortunately.
2. Your favorite book read this year?  "The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green. It destroyed me.
3. Your favorite TV show of the year?  Oh man, how can I narrow it down to just one?  Sons of Anarchy messed me up. Bad.
4. Your favorite new show of the year? Hannibal, Orphan Black and Brooklyn Nine Nine were all great finds.  It was nice to find and get attached to shows that are new, funny, interesting and smart.
5. The most missed of your old fandoms? The Misfits fandom.  I stopped watching around S3, but that bit of time during S2 was the best.
6. The show(s) you haven't tried yet, but want to?  Orange Is The New Black.  Veronica Mars.  Some Girls. Breaking Bad. Shameless (US).  My Mad Fat Diary.
By The Light

Shipping Meme!

Snagged from nrgburst

♛: my “FOREVER” pairing

Tyler and Caroline (TVD).  Forever and ever.
Pacey and Joey (Dawson’s Creek).
Willow and Oz (BtVS).
Zoe and Wash (Firefly).
Klaus and Death (TVD).

♔: my “sometimes” pairing

Joan and Sherlock (Elementary).  I LOVE their friendship and partnership above all else, but let’s face it, Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller are gorgeous.  I ship it on shallow level.  I don’t know how I were to feel if romantic feelings were ever to come into play with those two, but I don’t think I would hate it.

旦: my “friends-with-benefits” pairing

Beverly and Will (Hannibal).  I enjoy their frienship with a passion of a thousand burning suns and I definitely wouldn’t hate it if they decided to hook up.  Not one bit.

Daryl and Carol (The Walking Dead). I ship it. I love those two.

☆: my “Adele” pairing (“WE COULD HAVE HAD IT AAAAAALL”)

Alex and Izzie (Grey’s Anatomy).  Let’s not even talk about it.

☁: my “angst” pairing

Simon and Alisha (Misfits). *Rubs heart* It still hurts.

✖: my “hate sex” pairing

Tyler and Katherine (TVD).  Okay, so they haven't even officially met at this point, but I’ve been shipping it since their scene in 2x01.  I want it. I NEED it.

۞: my “working on it” pairing

Alana and Will (Hannibal).  They make my heart ache.

Sarah and Paul.  There are so many problematic issues within this pairing, but I enjoy their chemistry so much.  They are definitely "working on it."

ℨ: my favorite threesome

Tyler/Caroline and Stefan (TVD).  There is so much awesome goodness about these three it’s ridiculous.  They are NOT fluffy in any sense of the word and that is why I can’t get enough of those three.

Tyler/Caroline and Katherine (TVD).  The potential for these three is all there. From Caroline and Katherine’s history to Katherine’s involvement in turning both of them. Gah! Just give them to me TVD.

Norman, Norman and Dylan (Bates Motel).  The dysfunction is strong in this family.

Alison, Sarah and Cosima (Orphan Black). Come back to me already Show!!!

☄: my “crack” pairing

Tyler and Jeremy (TVD).  It’ll never be canon, but it lives on in fan fiction.

Felix and Paul (Orphan Black).  I need more scenes with these two in S2.

Norma and Dylan (Bates Motel).  It’s incestuous and wrong, but I can’t help it!


I have a doctor appointment to go over my labs and I seriously do NOT want to go.  My legs are killing me. It's friggin hot outside. I'm lazy.  Ugh.


I woke up this morning to hear on the radio that Governor Rick Perry has called for a SECOND special session of the Texas Legislature to pass the abortion bill AFTER the bill failed to pass due to a one-woman filibuster on Tuesday.

I can NOT with this man.


Apparently the Backstreet Boys are back.  Yay?


I Have A Situation

I have been hit (very suddenly and unexpectedly I might add) with a truck load of Dominic Cooper feels.  I don't know where they all came from, but here they are.  I mean, I knew he was Howard Stark, the guy from Mama Mia and Henry from Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter, but man...I'm really crushing on this guy all of a sudden.  I'm not complaining though, just very puzzled lol.  Whatever, the feels are more than welcome to stay.

Orphan Black and Tumblr

I just want to get on tumblr and reblog all the Orphan Black posts.  All of them.  But I don't want to be sucked back into tumblr after only what? a month and a half?

TVD IS over for the summer and I won't have to deal with the shitty TVD fandom if I *were* to go back...


No.  I'm not going back to tumblr.


Stupid Orphan Black awesomeness.